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EN 511





EN 511: 2016  
Protective gloves against cold

This document defines the requirements and test methods for gloves providing cold protection transmitted
by convection or conduction down to -50 ° C.

This cold can be related to climatic conditions or to an industrial activity

The specific values of the different performance levels are determined according to the specific requirements of each risk category or special application area.

Product testing only provides performance levels, not levels of protection.

  A   Convective cold
Level 0 to 4
(4 being the best)
B Contact cold
Level 0 to 4
(4 being the best)
C Water proofness
  Level 0 (no) or 1 (yes)  

X " means that the glove has not been submitted to the test
0 " means that the product does not meet the minimum requirement.


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