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EN 136-140-143



EN 136: 1998

Respiratory protective devices. Full face masks. Requirements, testing, marking

This document specifies the minimum requirements for full face mask respiratory protective devices. Full face masks for diving apparatuses are not included in the scope of this standard.

Laboratory and practical performance tests are included in these requirements' compliance assessments.

A mask is a full face piece that covers the eyes, nose, mouth, and chin and that provides the wearer with respiratory protection in the form of an appropriate seal against specific atmospheric conditions and airborne hazards.



- temperature resistance

- impact resistance

- flame resistance

- resistance to thermal radiation

- tensile strength

- resistance to cleaning and disinfecting products.

In addition, the visual inspection must relate to the manufacturer's marking and information leaflet.

3 classes of full face masks
- Class 1: Full mask for light duty
- Class 2: Full mask general use
- Class 3: Full mask for special use

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