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EN 1149-5


EN 1149-5: 2008

Protective clothing -

Electrostatic properties 
Part 5: Material performance and design requirements


This document specifies requirements for the design and materials of protective clothing for electrostatic charging, including covers and caps, used as part of a complete grounded system to prevent ignition discharges when the minimum ignition energy of the explosive atmosphere is 0.016 mJ or greater.

In this document, a complete grounded system is a system in which people and other conductors are grounded through a resistance of less than 10 8 Ω.

The material and design requirements do not imply that grounding of additional equipment (e.g. respirators) worn on or in contact with clothing is adequate.

If this type of accessory equipment were to be earthed, other requirements would apply to this European Standard.

Static electricity absorbing safety footwear or gloves, which are separate articles and not an integral part of the clothing, are not covered by this document.

Material and design requirements may not provide sufficient protection in flammable oxygen enriched atmospheres.

Further information on flammable oxygen enriched atmospheres can be found in CEN/CLC/TR 16832:2015 [1].

This document does not apply to protection against various risks associated with electrical voltages.

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