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EN 342


EN 342 : 2017

The EN 342 standard, a European standard, describes the requirements and test methods for the performance of clothing to protect against the effects of cold environments of minus 5 degrees and below, for example, overalls or groups of clothing. This standard evaluates not only low air temperatures, but also humidity and air velocity.

The standard in question focuses on four parameters: mobile thermal insulation properties, static thermal insulation properties (optional), air permeability and waterproof penetration properties (optional). There are no special requirements for head, hand or foot protection in this standard.

There are two numbers in the symbol of the EN 342 standard, representing the X and Y values. The value X indicates the water resistance and the value Y indicates the water vapor permeability (breathability of the garment). Manufacturer companies have documented themselves according to this standard. The product does not need to be evaluated by an independent notified body. Because the only risk for the user is to get wet without a life-threatening danger.

The X value 3 is the highest, that is, the most waterproof level. The lowest level is 1. The Y value is the highest, that is, the level of breathability. Again, the lowest level is 1.