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EN ISO 11611


EN ISO 11611: 2015

Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes

2 classes, the class 1 is the lowest level.

- Class 1- recommended for manual welding techniques with light formation of platters and drop e.g gas welding, TIG welding, MIG welding, micro plasma welding, brazing, spot welding, MIMA welding (with rutile covered electrode) for operation of machine e.g oxygen cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, machines for thermal spraying, bench welding.

- Class 2 - recommended for manual welding techniques with heavy formation of splatters and drops e.g MIMA welding (with basic or cellulose covered electrode), MAG welding (with CO2 or mixed gases), MID welding (with high current), self-shielded flux cored arc welding, plasma cutting, gouging, oxygen cutting, thermal spraying for operation of machines e.g in confined spaces, at overhead welding/cutting or in comparable constrained positions.

-The letters A1 or A2 corresponds to the test method used for the propagation of the flame, according to standard
ISO 15025/2000. 

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