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EN 353-2


EN 353-1: 2018

Personal Protective Equipment Against Falls From A Height -

Part 2: Guided Type Fall Arresters Including A Flexible Anchor Line.

This document specifies the requirements, test methods, information supplied by the manufacturer and marking for guided type fall arresters including a flexible anchorage line which can be secured to an upper anchorage point.

Guided type fall arresters according to this document are used in fall arrest systems specified in EN 363 in conjunction with full body harnesses specified in EN 361.

Other types of all arresters are specified in EN 360 and in EN 353-1.

Energy absorbers are specified in EN 355.


EN 353-2  


The fall arresters follows the user
               as he progresses and blocks him               
automatically in case of fall.


> Static resistance:
- Anchorage line (resist to a 22 kN force).
- Anchorage cable (resist to a 15 kN force).

> Dynamic performance (with a trial mass of 100 Kg):
- Braking force does not go over 6 kN.
- Stopping distance does not go over 3 m.


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