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EN 361


EN 361: 2002

Personal protective equipment against from falls from a height: full body harnesses

The safety harness, body holding system designed to prevent falls, attached directly to the user.

This system can include various parts : straps, buckles, etc...

A harness includes at least one anchoring point (or attaching point) providing a link with a lanyard.




The fall arrest harness is a body gripping device. 
(adjustable to the user’s morphology)

designed to stop falls. It’s an element

of the fall arrest device (anchorage device

+ fall arrest link + full body harness)


> Static resistance: 15 kN
> Dynamic performance:
Harness fitted to a 100 kg mass, connected to a rope.
Must resist to two falls of 4 m:
Head-up position, and head-down position the harness must
hold the dummy. After each fall, the dummy must be hold in a position
not exceeding 50° from the upright position.


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