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Safety googles. Indirect ventilations. Clear lens.

2.15 EUR (2.15 EUR + VAT)
Manufacturer article number: COEVAMAS
Not Rated


  1. [Standard]
  2. Safety google.Lightweight soft P.V.C frame.
  3. Integral lateral vents for wearercomfort.
  4. Adjustable headband.
  5. Lens in clear polycarbonate.
  6. Lens thickness: 1.50 mm.
  7. Dimension: 152 x 79 mm.Weight: 81 g.


  1. A standard model, soft and resistant for many applications.
  2. A good value for money.
  3. Security of an ISO9001 system in production.
  4. Comfortable nose bridge.
  5. Adjustable elastic strap (400 mm).


  1. Download the declaration of conformity of this product to the regulation (EU) 2016/425 on PPE and / or to another possible regulation on:

Application types

  1. Agriculture
  2. Maintenance
  3. Green spaces
  4. Structural work
  5. Finishing work

Precautions for use

  1. Warning: before any use please read carefully the instructions for use and keep it.
  2. Never use a product outside its intended area of use.
  3. It is brought to the attention of users that a product, even tested and certified according to one or more standards, is never a total guarantee of protection against the risk (s) involved.
  4. Always read the limits of use and protection and the precautions for use.
  5. Before each use, check the good state of the product. Do not use a worn or damaged product.
  6. If any doubt or if you have any questions, please contact Singer Safety®Customer Service at your disposal.


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