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EN 355


EN 355: 2002

Personal protective equipment against falls from a height: Energy absorbers

This document specifies requirements, test methods, marking, manufacturer's information and packaging for energy absorbers.

Energy absorbers complying with this European Standard are used as a component or part, either integrated into a cord, anchor line or an antifall harness, or in combination with one of these.

Combinations of energy absorber and lanyard are subsystems that form one of the fall arrest systems covered by EN 363 when combined with the fall arrest harness as defined in EN 361.  

The energy absorber absorbs the impact in the event of a fall.

The energy absorber helps absorb the impact of a fall. 

The absorber is made up of a strap folded into a package.
In the event of an impact, the package is torn open and the strap unfolds, thereby reducing the braking force to a non harmful level.

The energy absorber can be directly integrated on a lanyard. 


The energy absorber must be used in situations where,
where the user is at risk of falling.
The fall arrest lanyard is designed to absorb energy in the event of a fall,
and limits the braking force to a level that does not cause injury.


The energy absorber consists of a folded strap of different weaves, protected by a wrapping.
In case of impact, the weave and the strap gradually unravel.
The anti-fall cord is equipped with connectors that allow
to connect the anti-fall harness to the anchorage point.
The connectors can be assembled directly with the fall arrest lanyard or purchased separately.

They are covered by EN 362.
> Dynamic performance:
- Braking force up to 6 kN.
- Static preload: 2kN
> Static resistance:
- The absorber (fully extended) must resist 15 kN.

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