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ASTM F 2878



ASTM F 2878

Standard Test Method
For Protective Clothing Material Resistance To Hypodermic Needle Puncture

To evaluate the resistance of a glove to puncture against a hypodermic syringe, the American standard ASTM F 2878 is used (to date, there is no procedure in the European standard EN 388; only a puncture test exists).

For this test, a 25 gauge needle is used, positioned perpendicular to the specimen to be tested, which descends in a constant manner until it penetrates the sample

The force required to penetrate the material is measured in order to determine the level of resistance of the material according to a level from 0 to 5 as specified in the ANSI-ISEA 105 standard as follows

   Level          Force (Newton)   
0 < 2
1 ≥ 2
2 ≥ 4
3 ≥ 6
4 ≥ 8
5 ≥ 10

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